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Technical Facilitation

Effectively Utilize Cross-Functional Teams
Have you ever had an issue that you wish you could get everyone (e.g., Technical, Operations, Marketing, Sales, and Finance) who may have the answers in a room together to honestly provide their input in a non-threatening environment? We can help you do this. We have years of experience and success at facilitating technical discussions that lead to actionable, implementable solutions/approaches that do not have to overcome the “not invented here” syndrome.

Areas include:
  • Strategic planning for technical groups
  • Developing metrics for Food Safety, Food Quality and Product Development activities that can be used on a company wide basis
  • Seeking solutions related to R&D, Product Development, Food Safety, Food Quality and Food Spoilage issues

Some examples of what we have done…..
  • Facilitated sessions related to food safety, food spoilage, organizational issues, product and process development, development of metrics to measure the performance of technical groups and strategic planning for manufacturers and foodservice operators.
  • Worked with the R&D, Marketing and Sales groups of the Foodservice Division in a large company to develop programs and communications approaches to help speed up the product development process
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