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Food Safety - Protecting Your Customer & Your Brand

Provide comprehensive services regarding all areas of food safety such as root cause analysis of problems, troubleshooting, and assessments of a company’s state of preparedness regarding food safety.

  • Food Safety Assessments
    This program has been successfully used to assist a wide range of food and foodservice companies to help minimize their risks regarding food safety.

    The Food Safety Readiness Program assesses a company’s state of food safety preparedness. The program is a combination of GAP ANALYSIS and BENCHMARKING. Gaps in the food safety system from prerequisite programs (e.g. sanitation, recall, pest control, etc.) through HACCP are identified and benchmarked against best practices. Prioritized recommendations are developed and next steps for corrective actions are identified. Additionally, those things that are being done well are identified so that they can be recognized, continued and built upon.

Some examples of what we have done…..
  • Been responsible for all food safety activities for several manufacturers and a large retailer.
  • Conducted Food Safety Readiness Programs for manufacturers, foodservice operators (Quick Service Restaurants, Casual Theme Restaurants, and Recreational Venues), foodservice distributors and retailers that have lead to optimization of programs to minimize their risks.
  • For the CEO and Senior Management of a manufacturing and foodservice operation: conducted risk assessments of all of their foodservice concepts; helped to develop their manufacturing plant layout; reviewed equipment; and audited their facilities both in the US and in Europe.
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