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We will help you minimize your food safety related risks for existing and new companies as well as for due diligence activities for mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.

  • Food Safety Risk Assessments
    Conduct a Food Safety Risk Assessment to provide a comprehensive analysis of food safety risks within a company related to products (formulations), processes (equipment, interventions) and procedures. This allows your company to understand, manage and communicate risks internally (Senior Management, Board of Directors, Accounting Firms) and to external customers.

    Food Safety Risk Assessments involve conducting a comprehensive review of all areas related to food safety. This is accomplished through on-site visits, meeting with key personnel, reviewing written materials and documentation and analysis of any incidents of public health significance that have occurred. A written report is prepared that documents the findings and assigns risk ratings to each of the areas in question.

    Food Safety Risk Assessment for Mergers and Acquisitions are conducted for both individual companies and private equity firms.
    They can include review of companies that make or distribute food or food related products as well as both the actual identification of potential acquisition candidates in the food industry and/or companies that provide Food Safety Services to the industry.

Some examples of what we have done...

  • Conducted risk assessments for numerous prospective co–packer operations
  • Developed a risk profile for a multiunit foodservice operator for each of their commissary operations
  • Assessed proposed future concepts (Asian, Mexican, BBQ, Italian) for a major foodservice operator
  • Reviewed all areas related to the construction and implementation of a commissary for a large convenience store chain. This included understanding the regulatory requirements (Federal, State and Local).
  • Reviewed food companies regarding their food safety risk profiles prior to firms making financial investments
  • Assisted in identifying and evaluating food and/or food safety related companies
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