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Legal Support

Getting The Facts In Order (Before, During & After)
We serve as subject matter experts to in-house counsel, law firms, insurance companies and others regarding food safety, quality, crises, and product/process development issues.

Our experience is extensive in assessing food safety and quality programs for litigation purposes.

We can also provide guidance in the discovery process to find those issues that can hurt or hinder your client’s case.

We are experienced in giving depositions and providing expert testimony.

Some examples of what we have done…..
  • Worked with large law firm, who represented a multi-unit foodservice operator, to provide expert testimony and guidance regarding Listeria monocytogenes in products supplied to the foodservice operator. The foodservice operator had cancelled their contract with the supplier and the supplier was suing the foodservice operator. The foodservice operator won.
  • A food manufacturer was being sued by another manufacturer claiming that they had used information from a previous employee to develop a line of products. We showed how a company with a basic understanding of baking could have reverse engineered the products in question without having information from that employee.
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