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Auditing Programs

New Eyes To Solve Problems
Develop, implement and optimize effective and efficient auditing programs for growers, processors, distributors, foodservice operators, supermarkets/warehouse clubs. This includes……
  • Internal and external programs (including co packers)
  • Use of independent third party auditing programs
  • Develop and help to implement new programs (including guidelines for selecting third party auditors, role of consumer complaint monitoring and cost implications to you and your suppliers)
  • Developing risk based auditing instruments

Prepare companies and operators for third party audits.
  • Conduct Facility Preparedness Assessment Program

Conduct Triage Audits in cases where recalls or consumer complaints are involved.

Some examples of what we have done…..
  • Served as President of one of the largest auditing firms in the US.
  • Responsible for worldwide auditing of suppliers for one of the largest companies in the world.
  • Worked with Senior Management of a multi-billion dollar company to develop auditing programs and procedures for internal audits as well as third party audits of their suppliers.
  • Prepared international supplier for third party audits.
  • Conducted triage audit for meat supplier following a recall. This lead to significant modifications in their procedures that minimized their food safety risks and enhanced their position with their customers.
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